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Our men's group meetings include breathwork, conscious movement and transpersonal guidance.
The concept of masculinity is not limited to men alone, but rather it is an archetype that resides within all individuals. It represents a set of qualities and characteristics that are traditionally associated with men, such as strength, assertiveness, and independence.
Embracing our masculine side allows us to tap into our inner power and confidence, enabling us to navigate through life with purpose and determination. By recognizing and balancing the masculine within ourselves, we cultivate a sense of wholeness and authenticity.

Embracing our feminine side empowers us to connect with our inner grace and intuition, enabling us to move through life with resilience and empathy. By acknowledging and harmonizing the feminine aspects within us, we encourage the expression of creativity, the appreciation of subtlety, and the ability to navigate life with a blend of strength and gentleness.

We as men come together to share experiences, provide support, and engage in open and meaningful conversations with the goal of creating a supportive community for men to explore and discuss various aspects of their lives.

Emotional Support:
We provide a space where you can openly express your thoughts and emotions without judgment. This can be particularly valuable for addressing challenges and sharing personal experiences.

Personal Growth:
We focus on personal development and growth, encouraging members to set and pursue individual goals, overcome obstacles, and enhance self-awareness.

We hold each other accountable for personal and professional goals, fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to positive change.

Relationship Building:
These groups can facilitate the development of strong bonds and connections between members. Shared experiences and mutual support contribute to a sense of community.

Exploration of Masculinity:
Our groups are a platform for discussing and redefining traditional notions of masculinity. This exploration can lead to a deeper understanding of individual identities and societal expectations.

Skill Building:
Workshops, discussions, and activities within our men's group focus on developing practical skills, whether related to communication, emotional intelligence, or other aspects of personal and professional life.

Crisis Support:
In times of crisis, such as job loss, relationship issues, or health challenges, our men can offer a crucial support system where you can share your struggles and receive empathy and advice.

Mutual Learning:
It's also a forum for us to share our diverse experiences and knowledge. Learning from each other's successes and failures can be a valuable aspect of our gatherings.

Establishing trust and maintaining confidentiality within the group is often emphasized, creating a safe space for all men to open up without fear of judgment.

Community Involvement:
We are working on extending our activities beyond individual support to engage in community service or advocacy, contributing positively to the broader society.