COMMUNITY Breathwork

Our weekly breathwork session is a group-based practice that involves intentional and conscious breathing within a supportive and inclusive community setting. This is a space for everyone to come together, explore the benefits of breathwork and human connection in a safe space conducive to deep inner work. Non-gender specific. All are welcome!



Wim Hof Method
Involves a specific breathing pattern, cold exposure, and meditation. This method is associated with increased energy, reduced stress, and improved immune function.

Conscious Connected Breath
Breathwork technique that involves breathing rhythmically and continuously without pausing between inhalation and exhalation. Often used for therapeutic and transformative purposes

Deep Belly Breathing
This involves breathing deeply into the diaphragm rather than shallow breathing into the chest. It helps promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Ancient Pranayama Techniques
A yogic practice that involves various breath control techniques. Examples include Ujjayi (victorious breath), Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), and Kapalbhati (shining skull breath).

Polarity Breahtwork
Breathwork practice that aims to balance or explore the concept of polarity within oneself. This could involve exploring the balance between opposites, such as yin and yang/masculine and feminine energies.

1-part/2-part/3-part Breath
Deep and slow breathing patterns. This can help increase oxygenation, relax the body, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting a sense of calm and presence.

Buteyko Breathing Technique
Focuses on nasal breathing and reducing breathing volume. It is used to address respiratory issues, improve oxygenation, and reduce anxiety.

Tantric Breath
Tantric breath may involve connected breathing, where inhalation and exhalation are continuous without pauses. This rhythmic breathing pattern is thought to facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body.

In our community breathwork sessions, we explore a variety of breathwork modalities, delving into ancient techniques like Pranayama, Tummo, Tantric Breath, Conscious Connected Breath, Wim Hof Method, and more. The intention is to guide participants into a heart-opening experience, creating a space for healing, self-connection, and a profound connection with others. Through these diverse modalities, our aim is to initiate a transformational journey, helping individuals step into their best selves. It's a shared exploration of breath as a powerful tool for personal growth and collective well-being.